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Opening our doors in 1999, GS Motorsports has placed these five values at the heart of our business. These are the reasons we have made great accomplishments in the past...are making great accomplishments in the present...and will be making even greater accomplishments in the future.

We are passionate about our business – We are in the automotive business. We are the types that know no boudaries when it comes to our cars. From routine maintenance to building up a street brawler, our technical staff is capable of working on anything brought our way. We introduce the trends...we innovate all others...and we make sure to stay ahead of the pack.

We value each vehicle that comes through - We treat each vehicle that comes through our doors as though it is our own. We have had numerous magazine featured vehicles that frequent our shop and many high end vehicles that only trust our craftsmanship. You are next!

We give ourselves the freedom to succeed – We motivate our staff to work smart to get work done as efficiently as possible. If our customers are not happy, we have not succeeded.

We are proud of what we do and how we do it – Every car that comes out of our shop is a work of art, whether it be a stock Honda Civic to a highly modified Nissan Skyline. Either way, we pride ourselves in knowing that we have had a part in the history of that vehicle and that it represents the ability of our staff.

We strive to be the best – We are constantly evolving as the vehicles we work on progress. From day one, we strive for excellence and are always learning, always improving. We set our standards high, stretching to exceed them and at the end of the day, we celebrate success.

Give GS Motorsports a call for all your automotive needs whether it be a tune up, brake pad replacement, to high performance motor swaps, or adding forced induction to your vehicle. Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy your visit!



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