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In the last 14 years Dave Kindig and his crew have created many award winning vehicles. Dave was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and creativity was definitely flowing through his blood. Dave started drawing his works of art at the age of 5 and always had his teacher’s admiration for his ability to draw. Dave’s first projects were of model cars and Lego’s he loved to change the color, wheels and stance of the model cars. The first custom car that Dave built was his Volkswagen Bug that he cut the top off and made into a roadster.

Dave worked for High Performance Coatings in Salt Lake City, Utah for 8 years and was able to travel the US and meet many car builders and designers. He received his first design job from Arizonia Speed and Marine designing their 1999 Chevrolet Silverado ASM/SS which was featured in Truckin Magazine. From there his design career took off designing for many car builders and magazines. Dave soon left High Performance Coatings to pursue a career in designing and building custom vehicles in his own shop. With nothing but $4,700.00, determination and a dream he started what is now known as Kindig-it Design.

Kindig-it Design was started at the Kindig’s home and didn’t last long due to the demand for Dave’s creative designs. Dave and his wife Charity leased a 4500 sq ft shop in Salt Lake City and went to work. Kindig-its first big project was a PT Cruiser from an underwear manufacturer; Dave hand painted each panel of the car a print from the underwear. This project got lots of recognition and was featured in the local news papers. After 2 years of building custom rides Kindig-it Design needed to expand, so they moved the shop into a 9000 sq ft space. This was a difficult time in the country’s economy as 9/11 happened the day of the grand reopening. Kindig-it overcame this struggle and continued building show stopping vehicles for a clientele who desired a one of a kind quality project.

Kindig-it Design now has an 18,000 sq ft shop with state of the art metal fabrication/paint facilities, and in-house upholstery. Kindig-its crew has won Utah’s Finest 5 years in a row at the Salt Lake City Autorama and has won the Fab Five pick at numerous Good Guys Shows. Kindig-it Design recently won the GM Design Award with our 37 Chevy Coupe at the 2007 SEMA Show. Their projects have been featured in numerous magazines that have received world wide attention.

Dave feels very fortunate to have been able to pursue his dream and wake up everyday knowing he’s going to help build someone else’s dreams.


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