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We are a third generation car buisness for mechanic and retailling of vehicles in richardson , TX. Also one of the characters on #Dallas Car Sharks

Auction surprises aren't exclusive to storage containers — sometimes the drama unfolds on four wheels. Velocity's series Dallas Car Sharks takes viewers to the Lone Star State where car enthusiasts from across America gather to participate in the ultracompetitive world of car flipping.

Here tough-talking, larger-than-life dealers compete to outbid and out-buy each other in the intense world of automobile auctions. They love the thrill of the bid nearly as much as the incredible cars they're working hard to win, but are sometimes in for a rude awakening when the car they've won turns out to be a lemon.

In each episode of Dallas Car Sharks, tempers flare and rivalries ignite over any number of cars ranging from a 1980 Corvette to a 1998 Official Indy 500 Pace Car. After winning the bidding wars, the real work begins for the car sharks. Now they have to get down and dirty to inspect their purchases, and what they find under the hood reveals the true value of their skills on the bidding block. Each contender has his or her own distinguished reputation and unique bidding style in the auto flipping world.

J.D. Cole grew up around cars learning about the industry from his mom, Martha Davis, and Grandfather Charlie Davis. J.D. truly enjoys the risk factor of the car business, bidding on vehicles from classic cars to 4x4 trucks thriving on taking them apart and restoring each automobile he purchases. J.D. enjoys abiding by his motto that "every person has a seat, and every car has a seat for that person."





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